Health App


Inspired by apps like MyFitnessPal I decided to create a conceptual Health/Food Diary app concept with a bit of a twist. You can cheer people on with animations when their process isn’t going so well, or like and comment on people’s processes. The main themes for the concept are “encouragement”, “balance” and “lightness”. People tend to either get obsessed with tracking their weight and calories or completely lose motivation. A user interface or concept that feels too demanding and result-driven might push some users into these modes. Therefor lightness and balance are necessary to maintain encouragement¬†and motivation. Earlier mentioned themes have been translated into the app’s user interface design.

UI & UX Designer
Based on the background information above, I challenged myself to create a design and color scheme that would match the themes I defined. I looked up information about existing Health/Food Diary app users and did a quick benchmark based on the successful ones.

Define Concept & Identity -> Research Product Landing Page Designs -> Create Mood Boards & Color Schemes -> Define Branding and Story -> Design Wireframes -> Design Mock-ups