Cinema App


When the movie IT came out, I saw its visuals all over the city and in the cinemas. It got me curious about what kind of cinema apps there actually are. After researching Japanese as well as Western cinema apps, I felt a lot of them lacked a certain depth and engagement. IT, like many other movies, has amazing posters and images but, the way the cinema apps used these images didn’t make me feel like I was eager to go pay money and see the movie. So, I decided to create a rough concept where the movie’s visuals would be main.

UI Designer / UX Designer
This was a conceptual design but I find it important to analyze the world around you and see what little details could be
changed to improve someone’s experience, as well as help companies attract customers. I created a quick benchmark to compare the similarities and differences between some well-known cinema apps. I designed the UI for iOS and Android.

Benchmarking -> Create Mood Boards -> Design Wireframes -> Design Mock-ups