SUIKA webdesign

What if everyone had access to delicious, affordable melons? SUIKA is a Japanese watermelon farm aiming to sell the best quality melons for the cheapest price possible. They hope their fruits will bring happiness to people all over the world. Role UI & UX Designer I came up with this concept because I am a huge watermelon fan and it would be good practice realizing it into a product landing page. I researched, created mood boards and color schemes and gathered assets for the UI and logo design. I briefly defined the concept and fictional company to create a story. Process Define Concept & Identity -> Research Product Landing Page Designs -> Create Mood Boards & Color Schemes -> Define Branding and Story -> Design Wireframes -> Design Mock-ups
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SPeak landingpage

SPeak is an organization that helps foreign workers and students start their lives in Japan. Bilingual mentors will teach them about the companies they will be joining, and guide them with housing and more. SPeak was a new organization so were in need of a landing page that would communicate their services and cause. SPeak’s target groups would be foreign students and non-students aged between 20 and 30 years old. Role UI & UX Designer This landing page was a conceptual design to give the client an idea of what direction we would head if they would decide to have their landing page done at Fenrir Inc. Unfortunately, due to budgeting reasons, the project didn’t pull off. I finished the illustrations and defined the page’s visual branding based on SPeak’s corporate branding Process Client Meeting -> Define Product Requirements -> Briefing from Project Manager -> Company Research -> Define Design Guidelines -> Design Wireframes -> Create Illustrations -> Design Mock-up (proposal purposes)
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