Gadget van de Maand


Web, Branding


December, 2013


The Walt Disney Company Benelux | Disney XD


Gadget van de Maand (ENG: Gadget of the Month) was a campaign/project set up by one of the members of the Online team of the Walt Disney Company Benelux. Together with them we came up with a look and feel that resulted into a branding and a website.

Gadget of the Month would pick a gadget/toy etc. every month and review it for the Disney XD target group. Copyright the Walt Disney Company Benelux.

As of 2015 the general Disney websites switched to a new system and layout so the project got either cancelled or changed. Here is an old flashback from Wayback Machine: Screenshot 2015.

The logo has been used by several toy companies who got their products reviewed by Disney XD, including Goliath: Goliath Gadget of the Month


Analyzing information regarding project> deciding look and feel based on Disney XD branding > creating logo concepts > picking logo concept and fine tuning it in Adobe Illustrator > finish logo design and decide on rest of branding (patterns, backgrounds etc.)

Setting up HTML/CSS website based on Disney XD guidelines > creating assets like buttons, backgrounds etc. > finish website with content > keep on updating website based on new reviews.

Gadget Review
Receive gadget/game > unpack > read instructions > play / try out > note comments based on criteria > write review and implement into website through HTML/CSS.

Tools used:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Wacom Intuos 4
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • HTML5/CSS3/PHP/Jquery
  • Sublime